Can I Benefit from a Life Coach?

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Are you wondering whether or not you can benefit from a Life Coach?  If you answered yes, please read on.

Life Coaching is right for you if you identify with any of the following:

  • Looking for support to couple with your existing efforts to set and reach your goals that can boost your efforts and results to the next level
  • Have tried other programs and services to improve your current situation and still don’t feel that you have reached your goals
  • Like a high-level of personal attention, and feel that “cookie-cutter” or “canned approaches” don’t work for you
  • Have read all the books, searched the Internet, talked with family and still feel like you are not sure exactly how to resolve your current issue, or even how to get started
  • Searching for ways to improve your current life situation in a way that fits conveniently and easily into your busy schedule, without taking significant time away from other priorities in your life
  • Finding value in having a personal “sounding board” to share your ideas with and gain new perspectives and possibilities
  • Willing to take action to live a happier and more fulfilled life

Many men and women identify with one or more of these.  If you too feel commonalities, I welcome you to explore the many benefits that a life coach can provide.  Working with the right coach can result in remarkable positive changes, improvements in relationships and quality of life overall. I invite you to get started with a confidential and free, no-obligation consultation.

About the Author

Hi, I’m Karen Proctor, Founder & Certified Life Coach of Greenleaf Life Coaching. I listen with an empathetic and trained ear to offer life coaching services for men and women in Westchester County, NY and beyond.  Whether you have deep life struggles, PTSD, work-life balance concerns or changes in your career, I can help.  Together, we’ll build strength by pinpointing what’s blocking you from the life you desire, allowing you to see what’s possible through a new angle, with manageable steps for genuine progress.